New IT Rules in Simple Words for Common Man

New IT Rules in Simple Words for Common Man

The big topic on the internet at the moment is the new IT rules and all the rumors behind them. you must also be seen on the internet people reacting to this and surely it is a big topic to discuss as it will impact us because we all are connected to social media, new it rules in simple words so you can understand it.

People have so many questions in their minds and don’t know the real answers so here’s a small blog post that might help you to understand these new IT rules and we hope we will clear your doubts once you finish reading.

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  • What is IT rules?
  • Who publishes IT Rules?
  • History of IT rules
  • New updated rules list
  • Why government published new rules
  • Good or Bad?
  • What are IT(Information Technology) Rules?

new it rules in simple words

Information technology law knew as cyber law is the rules which are concern the laws related to information technology which also include the internet.
It is related to legal informatics and it governs the digital spreading of information and also on software, information security, and electronic commerce aspects and it has been described as “paper laws” for a “paperless environment”.

The Information technology laws control the online world as we have several rules to control the road traffic in our real world.


Who publishes IT Rules?

Information technology law was published by the authority. In India, IT rules control by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. 

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new it rules in simple words



The Supreme Court (SC) observed that the Indian government can develop the necessary guidelines to eliminate child pornography, rape, and theft of images, videos, and content and website hosting platforms in other applications.


Rajya Sabha’s ad hoc committee has investigated the surprising problem of pornography on social media and its impact on children and society as a whole and recommended that such content be identified as the first sender of the content.

The government has introduced a video streaming-the-top (OTT) platform under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting jurisdiction.


New updated rules list


  • In the year 2021 government updated its IT rules and they have brought big changes, some of the rules affecting social media and OTT platforms are listed below.
  • Every social media company (Facebook, Twitter, etc) has to appoint a grievance redressal officer so that the complaints by users can be fixed faster.
  • Every Nude content must be banned to safeguard the children.
  • In the case of blackmail, the company must respond quickly and they must also track the origin of the message.
  • If any content appears to be against the integrity of India, then it must be removed in 36hrs. The examples are wrong map, Fake news targeting or defaming Armed forces, etc.
  • If any message can cause problems and can be the reason for any sort of mishappening then the company must give the origin of the message to the Government.
  • OTT platforms like Netflix and Prime video have to regulate the content in terms of nudity and violence.
  • The Supreme court already asked the center to develop a mechanism to control fake news.
  • Companies have to give a monthly report on complaints filed and how they took action on them.




Why government published new rules?


So, after all, why did the government brought up these rules, according to many this is because social media is connected to everyone’s life and these are the same platforms that are used to spread rumors because it is very easy to reach the people. cybercrime is the other issue, we daily read about news of blackmailing, and by bringing these IT rules the government wants to put a stop sign over them.

The OTT platforms, the new part of life, and after the initial lockdown the interest of people had sky-rocketed. This also brings concern over the type of content is being shown on such platforms so the government tried to address that as well.

new it rules in simple words

Good or Bad?

The debate has been going on that whether the new It rules are good or bad. Many people and the big tech companies are concerned about privacy because by bringing such rules into action the privacy of the users will just remain a myth as government can ask for the origin of the message but also this can help us to stop rumors. The Government has assured that there will be no danger to common user’s privacy but the actual picture will be clear once the rules will come into action.

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